About Us

Importer of Asian Products

Etcheteras was founded by Mr & Mrs Brown with the passionate aspiration to bring the taste of Philippines to people in the UK. Personally, when Mrs. Brown moved to the UK, from the Philippines she struggled with searching for ingredients to incorporate in her food with the taste of home. She’s always up to trying something new but she also would want to introduce to her guests the taste of Philippines and Asia, but it was just difficult for her to achieve the dishes due to lack of supply.

They then decided to start their own company from scratch without knowing that it would open a door for people to enjoy good quality food at the convenience of their very own home.

In the beginning, they focused on a few exceptional products from the Philippines, like the fresh fruits from the Philippines Sweet Carabao Mangoes, Banana Cardava, Santol, Calamansi and more. The only Importer Philippine fruits and the best Mangoes from Philippines into the UK. 

Etcheteras, also bring Sustainable, eco friendly & handmade products from the Philippines and support local weavers and farmers. Etcheteras pride is to bring authentic native bags and handmade home decors from local weavers. 


Our customers are Asian supermarkets, wholesalers, and other Asian stores. Together, we make sure our products are available to consumers and comply with European law and regulations.

With our wide & vast knowledge of the products we have maintain the  authenticity and unique taste experience.

Our mission is to import and distribute the highest quality products  to provide our customers with an exceptional culinary experience. We are committed to sourcing products directly from reputable suppliers, ensuring their authenticity, and maintaining the highest standards of quality and taste. 

Ultimately, our mission is to become the preferred choice for authentic Asian food, delivering unparalleled value and satisfaction to our customers.”


Their goal is to make sure that people get to experience the taste of Asia in just a click of their hand. Today, Etcheteras, has a wide array products to choose from  Fresh products from Thailand, rice products from Vietnam and a lot more of Philippine products to choose from.

Through our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, innovation, and continuous improvement, we aim to inspire a love for Asian cuisine, fostering cross-cultural connections and promoting global gastronomic appreciation.